Balancing Act in Clay and Finished on site

I’m very excited to be providing a 7th life-sized bronze Panther to Chapman University, this time for its restructured Rinker Health Science Campus in Irvine, CA. The first photo shows the clay-on-foam enlargement to 10 feet long of my sculpture, "Balancing Act", in my studio where it remains until I need the space for another project. The second photo is the finished bronze, taken outside Art Castings Foundry. It is at its new home now, waiting until the landscaping is ready for installation.

Balancing Act in black patinaSince the patina on the large sculpture is black like Chapman’s other Panthers, the donor wanted a black patina version of the small piece. I like this version as well and have decided to add it as an option so the maquette will be available in either black or the original light patina.


Magazine Article

The FALL 2022 issue of SCULPTURE REVIEW, the quarterly magazine of the National Sculpture Society, featured a lovely long article, with nine photos, titled “A PERFECT PAIR: The Studios of Rosetta Sculpture and Mel Schockner Photography”. Unfortunately, the Magazine is not available for free on line but if you can find a print issue it gives a lot of both background and current information about our joint journey to where we are now.

ROsetta and Mel's Studio

Sorrel Sky Gallery

In July 2022 I was very pleased to gain representation for my sculpture in the Sorrel Sky Gallery in Durango, CO. I have been aware of Sorrel Sky for some time and have been impressed with the quality and variety of work they offer so when the owner, Shanan Campbell, approached me for representation I was thrilled. The Gallery is lovely and they have a good variety of my work on site, with access also to everything I have available, so if you are in the area, do stop by!

Patina Choices

With the passing of her beloved cat, a friend purchased On The Fence which reminded her of her departed friend. Since her cat was white, I offered to put a lighter patina on her sculpture and am pleased with the results. So I want to take this opportunity to let everyone know that I may be open to custom patinas on domestic cat sculptures, with limitations of course. As an example, here are the original and the recent custom patinas.

On the Fence - Two different patinas


After a year on 4th Street in downtown Loveland as part of The Art Advocacy Project and a few months in our front yard, my large Bobcat sculpture headed off to Brighton for their year-long Sculpture on Loan project. Upon its arrival there, however, the city of Brighton decided to purchase it for their permanent collection! So Brighton will be its forever home, not just a year’s vacation spot!

Large Bobcat Moved

Mountain Fishing at Brookgreen GardensSince 2005, my life-sized Mountain Fishing has been greeting travelers at the Myrtle Beach airport amid lush plants and a water feature promoting Brookgreen Gardens' sculpture collection. This year it was finally taken "home" to grace it’s originally planned location in the sculpture garden, swiping at (imaginary?) fish in Jassamine Pond in the center of Brookgreen Gardens.


Best of Show 3-D at “Cowgirl UP!”

This was my first year participating in this show at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in AZ. That made the “Best of Show, 3-D” award for my “High Country Totem” sculpture even more special!


It was a great honor to receive an Award of Excellence for Cat Nap in the American Women Artists’ exhibition, “Pushing Forward Reaching Back" at Brookgreen Gardens, considering the high calibre of all of the work produced by AWA members.

Cat Nap

Cat Nap wins Honorable Mention

2022 started off nicely with an Honorable Mention for Cat Nap at the online only show, "Cats & Dogs", by the Red Bluff Art Gallery in CA. They presented an extremely realistic online gallery tour through the various rooms of the exhibition - very creatively executed!

Award of Merit, Colorado Governor's Art Show 2022

My little Vervet Monkey, The Critic, was very happy to receive an Award of Merit in this year’s Colorado Governor’s Art Show which was the most successful ever and many feel was the best for overall quality of artwork. It was an honor to participate once again.

The Critic

Interpretive/Abstract Award, Artists For Conservation 2000 International Exhibit of Nature in Art

"River Antics" received the Interpretive/Abstract Award at the Artists For Conservation 2000 International Exhibit of Nature in Art in Canada.

River Antics

2020 Annual Online Juried Art Show, the Breckenridge Fine Arts Center

At its 2020 Annual Online Juried Art Show, the Breckenridge Fine Arts Center once again acknowledged that it is worthwhile to allow limited edition bronze sculptures more than three years old into their exhibitions by awarding my "The Challenge" an honorable mention this year. I'm grateful for the chance to show some of my "oldies but goodies" that have sold and won awards whenever they had the chance to be seen.

The Challenge

Best of Show Sculpture & Medal of Excellence

As soon as "Balancing Act” was finished, it immediately won two very nice awards at it’s first show. The 2019 Artists For Conservation Annual Exhibition in Vancouver, Canada, gave this piece both “Best in Show, Sculpture” and a “Medal of Excellence”, only six of which were awarded.

Balancing Act

Society of Animal Artists

The prestigious Patricia A. Bott Award for Creative Excellence was given to “The Hunters” at the Society of Animal Artists’ 2018 Annual Exhibition at the James Museum of Western Art in St. Petersburg, FL. (See photos in NEW SCULPTURES below.)

The Hunters

President’s Choice Award

In it’s debut showing at the 2018 Bighorn Rendezvous, “Spirit Brothers” was honored with the President’s Choice Award for sculpture. This was the third year for the Northwest Rendezvous Group’s annual exhibition to be hosted at the beautiful Brinton Museum in Big Horn, WY, and the third year in a row that my sculpture has won this award, newly created when we moved to that venue. It is a great honor, considering the exceptionally high quality of all of the work showcased in this annual exhibit.

Spirit Brothers

A nice award for an older piece

My “At The Waterhole” has won the Lester and Virginia Clark Memorial Award at the 2018 Breckenridge (TX) Fine Arts Center’s Annual Juried Art Show. I am grateful that this year they waived the “no more than 3 years old” requirement for sculpture in response to my objection to that policy where limited edition bronzes are concerned.

At the Waterhole

4 Awards for “Ancient Truce”!

Having been accepted into all four exhibitions to which it was submitted, “Ancient Truce” started off by winning TWO awards at the first exhibition to open, the 2017 Bighorn Rendezvous, Northwest Rendezvous Group’s annual exhibition at the beautiful Brinton Museum in Big Horn, WY: The President’s Choice Award, chosen by the president of NWR and the curator of the Brinton; and an Award of Merit, chosen by the NWR artists in attendance.

The next exhibition to show “Ancient Truce” was the Artists for Conservation 2017 Annual in Vancouver, Canada, and there it was awarded “Best in Show” for sculpture AND an “Award of Excellence”! (This is the second year in a row that my entry won “Best in Show” for sculpture in this prestigious exhibition.) And on top of it all, “Ancient Truce” has also been included in the AFC 2018 Calendar - another great honor!

Ancient Truce



The essence of the domestic cat, plain and simple.
6”x 11”x 7.5”, Edition of 24, © 2022


Don't Mess With Me

The male African lion has a formidable presence and when his gaze is locked in on the object of his stalk, there is no question of his intention. He emerges from the bush with his fearsome magnificence on full display. This threatening demeanor is not engaged in lightly, however. It is reserved for the times when he must defend his family, his territory or his dinner.

9”x 14.5”x 9”, Edition of 18, © 2022

Don't Mess With Me

Lynx Lookout

Lynx Lookout was created to apply for a commission for a University, based on their Lynx mascot’s characteristics of "Adventurous, Bold, Active, Clever and Confident." Though I didn’t get the commission, I was happy to have this new piece to finish in bronze to join my other American wild cat sculptures.

Lynx Lookout, 14" x 20" x 7.5", Edition of 24, © 2020

Lynx Lookout

Lynx Lookout Maquette 7" x 9.5" x 4", Edition of 24, © 2020

Lynx Lookout Maquette

Pewter BFF

I usually do a small study of a new sculpture to easily be able to make major changes to establish the basic form, pose and flow before I do the sculpture the size I intend to cast in bronze. It is in the larger version that I refine the forms and surface treatment. If it seams feasible, I will often go back to the original "3-D sketch" and refine it to match the larger one and cast it in bronze or pewter. This little (5.5" x 4" x 3") pewter "BFF"” is such a study, mounted on a solid 3" cube of Travertine stone.

5.5" x 4" x 3", Unlimited Edition, © 2020

Pewter BFF

BFF (Best Feline Friends)

Having had the pleasure of sharing my life with many sets of two cats at a time, I can attest that they are not always “best friends”. However, when they are, it is a pure delight to watch them enjoy each other’s companionship in play, sleep and mischief! The beauty of the feline form is enhanced when their flowing curves and joyful expressions are doubled.

This is the clay original for my newest creation. Once the foundries open for business again, the bronze will be available on a round granite base with a turntable.

17" x 11.5" x 9" Edition of 24, © 2020

Cat Nap

For a long time my interest in sculpting animals allowed no room for the use of the human form as the subject of my art. However, there came a time that my interest in human/animal relationships started to show up in my ideas for sculpture. As the fourth piece in a series I have done on that theme, this image brings my thoughts about those relationships out of a historical context into a more personal, present day realm. This peaceful, mutually comforting scene is one that I know a great many of us relate to.

10" x 10.5" x 13", Edition of 18, © 2019

Cat Nap

Balancing Act

The inspiration for this sculpture was simply the elegant beauty of a relaxed cougar reclining on a graceful fallen tree. But as the title, “Balancing Act”, implies, this cat is faced with more challenges than simply managing to stay perched on that small branch, with the balance of nature disrupted over so much of his range and the fallen tree hinting at the loss of appropriate habitat.

9.5" x 17.5" x 4.5", Edition of 24, © 2019

Balancing Act

Spirit Brothers

To most Native American tribes, the wolf is a powerful spirit and family member. Different tribes had somewhat different beliefs regarding their relationship with wolves, from ancestors to spiritual guides to providers of sustenance to siblings and best friends to participants in sacred ceremonies and magic. But all involved a reverence for and spiritual connection with their lupine brothers. Though they drew parallels between themselves and the members of the pack as strong, successful hunters, neither had interest in hunting each other. Wolves don’t see humans as prey and Native Americans believe that killing a wolf is like killing one of them.

14" x 18" x 12", Edition of 18, © 2018

Spirit Brothers

Regal Repose

When our wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Stephanie Romm, retired recently, the other doctors and staff at the Blue Sky Animal Clinic wanted to give her a special retirement present: "a sculpture of her favorite office cat by her favorite sculptor.” Dr. Roberts, the instigator of the gift, said of Dr. Romm and the gift, “She has been an inspiration both personally and professionally to so many people. I know she will treasure this always.” Hopefully this sculpture will remind her not only of the beautiful Bengal, “Glenn” but also the seven of our cats and the countless other animals she cared for over the years.

20" x 29" x 23", Edition of 18, © 2018

Regal Repose


I know that we all get many, many solicitations for donations to very worthy charities and we have to limit the ones we support to the group that speaks most loudly to our hearts. I limit most of my giving to animal causes and though I do send money often, I would really like to support these causes with donations of my sculpture as that conveys a more personal connection with the animals. However, such donations don’t do much good unless the organization has a means of turning the sculpture into much needed funds. Therefore, I’m always happy when I have a way to put my art to work where my heart is.

I’ve checked with a number of wildlife organizations that have said they could use the sculptures to fundraise and therefore have put them in my will to receive much of what will be out there when I pass. I’m honored that one of them, World Wildlife Fund, has run a Profile article on my work and my support in their November 2015 magazine. While I’m still here, however, I do whatever I can when the opportunity presents itself. Wildlife artist members of Artists For Conservation, based in Canada, have been supporting conservation organizations through sales of our work since the AFC's inception and I am proud to have been honored with the "AFC Conservation Artist Award for artistic excellence and dedication to conservation" in March of 2014 and to be included in the article titled "Healing Art, Aid for the Animals of Africa" in the National Sculpture Society’s "Sculpture Review" magazine in Spring of 2015.

Mini Cheetah Running

I regularly donate sculptures to the W.O.L.F. Sanctuary and Cheetah Conservation Fund fundraising auctions and participated in a Society of Animal Artists online sales show benefitting the African Wildlife Foundation and a Friends of the National Zoo “ZooFari” fundraiser with a donated piece.  I look forward to more opportunities to support wildlife conservation organizations with my art.


February 11 - April 2

"62nd Annual Exhibition Tour", Society of Animal Artists Ella Carothers Dunnegan Museum of Art, Bolivar, MO (Balancing Act)

March 31 - September 3

"Cowgirl Up!", Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Wickenburg, AZ (High Country Totem, Gotcha, Balancing Act, River Antics, Regal Repose)

May 5 - June 11

"Colorado Governor’s Art Show", Loveland Museum Gallery, Loveland, CO (Don’t Mess With Me, Simplicity, The Hunters, Heron Rising)

May 13 - July 23

"Pushing Forward Reaching Back", American Women Artists Brookgreen Gardens, SC (Cat Nap)

August 11 - August 13

"Sculpture in the Park" Loveland, CO


Panther's Pride in Loveland's Benson Park

When Chapman University emailed saying that they needed another Panther sculpture, but this time they wanted a “mother and child panther” for a new residential complex on campus, I was thrilled to create this depiction of the strong and tender relationship between this beautiful and powerful feline and her dependent cub.

Now I’m equally thrilled that I will have that same sculpture in my home town! It was selected to be placed in the new section of Benson Sculpture Garden across the street to the south of the rest of the Park. It was permanently installed in time for Sculpture in the Park 2015.

Loveland's Panther's Pride

Photo by Don Reilly


In 2019 we lost a dear friend and cherished colleague, stone sculptor Monty Taylor. Though our mediums were different, we shared a love of animals and a desire to capture their spirit as much as their form in our sculptures. The sparkle in Monty’s eye revealed his kind heart and wry sense of humor no matter how hard he tried to hide behind a cantankerous exterior. He is sorely missed by his many friends and the art world that was just beginning to discover his talent and his lovely stone animals. To help send him on his journey with love and encouragement, I created this pewter medallion and cast three for his wife (our dear friend, Melissa) and their two children.


Rosetta's Book

Originally published in 2013, I have revised my book, Rosetta Sculpture - Sculpture by Rosetta, Sculpture Photography by Mel Schockner, every year, adding my newest pieces to each new edition. Self-publishing in Blurb allows me to order small quantities at a time so that I can order revised ones each year with the new material. The latest one is $75 but a few copies of past editions are available for $62 each. Hard cover with dust jacket, it currently has 52 pages showcasing most of my work with stories about each piece and a 2-page version of my life history.

See older stories in Selections from the Archives

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